• Mending Minds Foundation


    for the Diagnosis and Treatment of

    Childhood Post-Infectious Neuroimmune Disorders


  • Our Mission

    There is a mental health crisis worldwide greatly impacting the lives of children and their families. A massive number of children are experiencing devastating neuropsychiatric changes following illness. Because these diseases are believed to be organically based and immune-mediated, prompt diagnosis and medical treatment can yield better outcomes and restore happy childhoods. Families with children suffering from these conditions face a shocking lack of resources and understanding. Only through increased research will diagnostic and therapeutic care improve.

    Our Story

    A group of parents, clinicians and scientists in Boston, Massachusetts, has formed the Mending Minds Foundation (MMF) to partner with world-class scientists in the hub of international research and discovery. Our goal is to support excellence in clinical care while providing sustainable funding of cutting-edge science to build the groundwork for understanding Childhood Post-Infectious Neuroimmune Disorders. This funding will be used to rapidly develop diagnostic tools and effective treatments, while disseminating information worldwide, to drive research to better understand and treat these difficult diseases.